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Passive metabolism activation


To activate your metabolism there are 3 solutions:

1- Sport, 2- Exposure to intense heat, 3- Exposure to intense cold.


The objective of the Passive Metabolic Gym concept:

To provide an effective, comfortable and natural solution to activate the body's functions in order to obtain a wide range of benefits for both sedentary and active people.

To achieve our goal, heat was an obvious choice because it makes you sweat!

Sweating has a very important part in the life of the human body because we are composed of 70% water. This water is often surrounded by toxins, so it must be recycled.

The heat of the classic sauna, or convection heating, heats the skin on the surface.

To make the heat penetrate, and make it effective, we have reproduced the same frequency as that produced by human heat to make it biocompatible. Then the body accepts it to let it penetrate up to 5 cm through the skin.

With our Black Tourmaline Stone Technology, the device is in perfect symbiosis with the user to increase the power of the body. This method is 100% natural, effective and proven.


During the passive metabolic gymnastics’ session:

Acte 1 : Act 1: You will feel a pleasant, non-aggressive and 100% natural heat.

Acte 2 : Act 2: your body temperature will rapidly increase by about 1.8 degrees (see study).

Thermoregulation is on, you are sweating: "the first benefits of wellbeing can be felt".

Acte 3 : Act 3: Vital functions are activated: activation of the heart and blood flow. Your metabolism needs even more energy: "it draws on its reserves and burns calories".


Your body is activated ✔ you become pro-active





comparatif sauna et gmp


The 5 essential principles of passive metabolic gymnastics.


The first benefit of passive metabolic gymnastics is the detoxification of the body, regardless of the program. The regular cleansing of toxins and heavy metals promotes good health.


Slimming is the 2nd principle of passive metabolic gymnastics; we have one of the very few long infrared devices on the market that gives real slimming results. It is also the only device on the market that is proven to burn more than 800 calories in one session. Our studies also prove that our technology makes your cardiovascular system work. It is also very effective on cellulite and water retention, as well as blood circulation.


Passive metabolic gymnastics eliminates metabolic waste that pollutes the body. It has also been proven that passive metabolic gymnastics allows you to recover faster after a physical effort. It also prepares the body for physical activity by giving it more energy and strength.


Discomfort is the final pillar of passive metabolic gymnastics. Discomfort includes lack of sleep, pain, stress, and age-related discomfort. Our concept provides real changes and concrete results.


Finally, anti-aging is the last pillar of passive metabolic gymnastics. It has been proven that our technology can stimulate collagen and helps to slow down the body's aging process.


Passive Metabolic Gym is suitable for everyone. You can always find a reason to do it and you're bound to get results.

Proven benefits of Passive Metabolic Gymnastics:

  • Sweat up to six times more than during a 45-minute brisk walk three to four times more than in a conventional sauna.
  • 45% more cardio efficiency from the 30th minute onwards.
  • Up to 800 calories effortlessly. According to Guyton's study published in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), a person whose heart is being trained can easily lose 600 to 800 kcal without any side effects. Whereas: "the loss of water can be compensated by rehydration, the number of calories consumed will not."
  • 100% natural method.
  • Activation of vital functions.
  • Decrease of anger and stress, relaxing power.
  • Optimizing sports performance.
  • Preparation for physical endurance events in extreme conditions.
  • Treatment of chronic pain.