appareil minceur gym métabolique passive


The Passive Metabolic Gym a real COCOON with far Infrared technology.

The GMP 4.14 is a long slimming device using long infrared rays, a professional aesthetic device for effortless exercise, relaxation, also great to relieve stress and most of all for detoxification. Compared to a classic sauna or an infrared sauna, GMP 4.14 and Passive Metabolic Gym make it possible to sweat more, deeper and in a targeted way. P.M.G. stands for "Passive Metabolic Gym", it is a unique concept, method and technology!

"Tourmaline V2" was developed 14 years ago, it has convinced thousands of users, and has been renamed by the press "La Gym Des Paresseuses" (The Lazy Gym).


16 years of innovation for better results with PASSIVE METABOLIC GYM devices

The Passive Metabolic Gym allows you to burn hundreds of calories without effort ! it is a slimming device. You can find the new generation sauna GMP 4.14 in hundreds of wellness centers.

(beauty centres, beauty institutes, slimming centres, spas, wellness centres, therapists and even at some physiotherapists).

Did you know ? The Tourmaline V2 and long infrared technology allows you to sweat 3 to 4 times more than in a classic sauna. Sweating allows the body to consume a lot of energy. Energy consumption = Fat consumption.


 appareil de gym metabolique passive